• Using art in social work education

    “死亡王国”是一个自传体的项目,使用自我参照剧场作为自我疗愈和倡导的载体. Based on pedagogy and theater of the oppressed, it intends to advance social work research and practice, as tools of critical reflection, personal growth and advocacy.

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  • Cass Coasters

    Through U-M’s Integrated Product Development course, students from business, 工程、艺术和设计公司与底特律的卡斯社区社会服务中心合作开发了一种新产品,可以将旧建筑材料回收成玻璃杯垫.

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  • Love & Data

    Algorithms are everywhere. They use personal information to offer up suggestions for our entertainment experiences; they filter our social media content; and they’re also used for purposes we’re not always aware of—like predicting the likelihood of repeat offenders in the criminal justice system. 斯蒂芬妮·丁金斯(Stephanie Dinkins)的新U-M展览探讨了人工智能系统内部的偏见和不平等.

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  • Small changes in diet could help you live healthier

    Eating a hot dog could cost you 36 minutes of healthy life, 而选择吃一份坚果可以帮助你多获得26分钟的健康生活, according to a U‑M study. The study, published in the journal Nature Food, evaluated more than 5,800 foods, 根据它们对人类的营养疾病负担和对环境的影响对它们进行排名.

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Campus Maize & Blueprint

必威滚球的综合计划包括公共卫生指导, lessons learned and extensive feedback from our community. 必威滚球采取了许多安全措施,为学生提供强有力的亲身体验, faculty and staff.

ResponsiBLUE App

  • 所有进入U-M大楼或参加校内活动的社区成员都必须完成ResponsiBLUE每日症状检查.

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Weekly Testing

  • U-M’s free weekly COVID-19 testing program is available for all students, 在安娜堡校区的教职员工,并满足那些没有在校园充分接种疫苗的人的强制性检测要求.

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  • All students, faculty and staff on the three U-M campuses, as well as at Michigan Medicine, 是否需要接种疫苗并向学校提交疫苗接种信息.

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